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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Foolishly In Love


I just wanna share my friend story here.

Its about a fool girl who love someone so much that she gave everything to that guy.

She loved him.
The way she talk to him and look at him so passionately, and she even smiling in her sleep because she loved him so much. She cant imagine her life without him. 
Every night she wait for him to say gudnite wish to her.
He also loved her.
The way he talk to her and look at he is so passionately. Like she was belong to him forever.
Love her too much that he cant even do anything if he lose her.

They were so in love that they give everything to each other.

their love wont last long.
his friend
comes to his life and he changed.
He stop care about her.
he no longer look at her the way he look at her before.
he no longer attracts her attention.
he just stop everything.
he say he is tired.

the girl.
who is a fool
that gave everything to him.
become mad cause she was too jealous to his friends.

she always attracts his attention by cursing his friends and mad at him
she just cant stay quiet
she always stalked his friends
and pressure him whenever she jealous.

but she doesnt know that , the guy is no longer care about her.
he holds the relays just because he felt responsible,
but he also cant stand about her temper anymore.
so he stop loving her.
he's enjoy himself alone and with his friends.

At last.. they break up.

the girl is no longer stalk his friends and stalk everything about him.
she just stop. she is tired.
she lose the one she loved so much.
she gave up as he gave up on her.

now, she just want to be free and wish never be a fool again.
because she can bear the painful memories anymore.
its too painful that she want to hate him until death come to her.
she still remember about his promise.
his promise that he will never leave her.
because he doesnt want her to feel the pain of being left alone.

she wish that she will never see him again even in her dream.
she hates him.
she gonna hate him until she died.

so thats the story... the end of a fool in love. 
Pray for her own happiness, so she could loves herself more.
to that guy, she wish you to be happy. 
but one thing she cant do..

Sunday, 17 April 2016

One call away~

Annyeong yeorobun~

Kyaaaaa !~~ lama banget sihhh tak update kat blog ni huhu. Its been yearsss hahaha... Hari ni terasa nak update pulak sikit hehe..

Memandangkan hari ni last day cuti midsem so rasa nak bermalas malasan mlm ni sambil update blog hiks ~

Hows life?
Wuuuu its been really hard days for me lately.. Too many conflicts, backstabber, and of course fake people. Huhuhu why me??? Why i have to go through this bullshit? Sobssss
I guess i am very strong enough so that Allah test me with all this thing.. I am strong and i believe myself in that. I have been forgive those people who hurt me but it just really hard to forget. So i'm gonna remember and recover.

Sooooooo i dont want to talk about those shit that hit mehhh !

i'm gonna be the happiest girl that live on earth..

Cause i have my beloved family, sltg, geng kecik, asfarina, mokkk and my soulmate, MSM ❤️
Eventhough all people in this world left me, hurt me, push me, knock me or whatsoever as long as i have them..... I'm gonna be happy ! 😊
Okayyy title kat atas tu sebenarnya nak ckp yg I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG!!!  hehehe~

One Call Away by Charlie Puth 😘
I'm only one call away~
I'll be there to save the day~
Superman got nothing on me~
I'm only one call away~


So goodbyeeeeee ... Love yourself before you love someone else 😌